Keith Ellis

While comedy is his life ambition, the ??-year-old has many acting credits on his resume as well. He has been cast in movies such as Waiting to Exhale, What Planet Are You From, Any Given Sunday, Twisted and Three Kings. He has appeared alongside acting heavyweights George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Jamie Foxx and Samuel Jackson. Keith continues to appear in commercials, print and plays.
Today, Ellis continues to reinvent himself as a comedian with the fast growing life changes: His parents have always insisted that he stick to clean comedy material. That undertaking is now included in his comedy mission: 100% Family Friendly Comedy!
Keith continues his non-stop travels performing internationally, Cruise Ships and AFE tours in GERMANY, QATAR, KUWAIT & POLAND for our U.S.A MILITARY troops. Making Keith Ellis a INTERNATIONAL Comedian working toward a purpose to support, educate, inspire & motivate.